Unusual Birthday Gifts On A Shoestring

What do you do when you need to buy an unusual birthday gift but you are completely skint and this is one birthday where you really do need to buy a great gift? Especially if things have not been so great between you and the person you are buying a gift for. Sometimes you need to let someone know how very special they are to you, but words fail you and you really just want to give them something that will show them how much you care, but you don’t have the funds to back this up! So what do you do?

You get a little bit creative and a little bit thoughtful that’s what.  Rather than waste your money on something inferior and something they really don’t want, get them something close to what they actually want. Sound crazy?  Keep with me….I shall explain.  For example if you were hoping to buy her  a really expensive piece of jewellery why not opt for our lovely keepsake box from our Willow  Tree collection and put a note inside saying ‘I wish I could have bought  you the necklace/ring/bracelet of your dreams, I’m working on it though! Here is something to keep it in when I can xxx’. It shows that you were thinking of them and in some ways it will actually be better than getting the real thing, it shows thought and love.  Which at the end of the day is the best gift a woman can get from her man, really it is!

We also have  lovely romantic heart and Mum trinket boxes too. All at £14.99.

I think if we all came up on the lottery we would love to buy our man, son or nephew the car of their dreams and just because you can’t doesn’t mean you can’t get something with the essence of it or in the spirit of having their dream car. For starters, if they are a car fanatic, for the boys we have a fabulous personalised car picture for their bedroom or a walltastic car bedroom wallpaper mural which is also designed to be interactive and educational for kids.

We also have a personalised mini car card which is perfect for both birthdays and father’s day. You could have a message such as ‘Happy Birthday Tim (reg plate says TIM too), Have a great day! Lots of Love Kim xxx ‘ Or ‘Happy Birthday Son (reg plate says PAUL) Wishing you a great birthday! Love from Mum & Dad xxx’ At only £2.99 plus free delivery and it’s usually shipped the same day too. And we also have affordable matching novelty light switches. Spot the mini cooper one!

Mini Cooper Light Switch

Mini Cooper Light Switch

Another idea (this is one that I have personally used many a time) it can get really expensive with birthdays throughout the year, possibly throwing a couple of birthday parties, too we can easily forget about our own wonderful parents.  If it is not a particular milestone birthday such as a 50th, 60th or 70th we might be tempted to opt for  an M&S bargain…come on you can do better than that!   So how about this little nugget?  Get a printed picture that you like of you and them, you and the kids, the kids or maybe just have a really nice one of Mum & Dad together or Mum and Nanna or Great Nanna together….or even better maybe you have found a picture of them when they were younger.  Have a look through our wide selection of unusual photo frames, some have poems, some can be personalised and some are just plain gorgeous.  And see what you can come up with.

Also be sure to have a look at our personalised chocolate bars and cards for more inspiration.

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