Unusual Christmas Gifts For The Kids – Our 6th Top Tip

Doing my weekly food shop at Morrisons at the weekend I spied all the chocolate advent calenders strategically placed at the end of every aisle and already some are almost out of stock. Yes … and that is at the end of August! Obviously many of you are reading my articles about spreading the cost of Christmas and snapping up bargains left, right and centre! LOL!

The ones that I did notice had sold out where all the popular TV characters such as Ben 10, Fifi and The Flower Tots and I didn’t even see any Scooby Doo or Mickey Mouse so either they were so popular that they need restocking or they can’t get hold of these sought after characters just yet.

When it comes to the kids at Christmas the one thing you can never do is leave it all to the last minute and expect all the toys and most popular characters to still be in stock. What you will be left with will be slim pickings or the boxes that got battered in the bun fight to buy the last one!

We have just received some new fantastic Disney and children’s TV character items in stock ready for Christmas. All of our new products are unusual and the kind of items we guarantee you will not be finding easily on the high street.

Why not pull out all the stops this year and make that promise to decorate your little one’s bedroom, you can easily do it with one of our walltastic murals. We have 3 new character designs in and my little boy is shouting in my ear to buy one as I am looking at them. “SPIDER MAN, MUMMY, LOOK SPIDER MAN, CAN I HAVE THAT?” Now that I only have hearing in one ear, I shall continue…We indeed have Spider Man, Dora The Explorer and the ever popular Ben 10 added to our range. I have no doubts that these are all going to be best sellers. The mural size is 8ft x 10ft but can be trimmed to size; it is a complete doddle to apply to the wall too.

Wallpaper Murals

Wallpaper Murals

We also have some simply lovely Disney ornaments including Lady and the Tramp depicted in that iconic scene where they are eating the same strand of pasta and end up kissing when they get to the end…everybody…”Ahhhhh”. Also we have everyone’s Disney favourite Mickey Mouse in an ‘Old Saint Mick’ scene where he is carrying a sack full of toys and ringing ye old bell! And we wouldn’t forget Minnie, there is also a Minnie and Mickey festive kissing scene.  Finally for the girly girls we have Cinderella and Prince Charming ready to waltz the night away at the ball. Any little girl would be delighted to receive this as a gift. We think that all these wonderful ornaments are family heirlooms in the making!

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