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Mickey & Minnie Mouse Wedding Cake Topper

4 Sep , 2009  

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Wedding Cake Topper

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Wedding Cake Topper

Are you a lover of all things Disney? It seems the customers at  Boutique To You are as it is  growing it’s collection of Disney licensed gifts.

I am a sucker for iconic Mickey & Minnie Mouse themed gifts and keepsakes and I have fallen in love with this bride & groom ornament which can also be used as a wedding cake topper!

Gorgeous gift for bride and groom, kitschy, birthday gift or a cute anniversary present? Who needs an excuse for a bit of romance especially when it’s Mickey & Minnie shaped!Price including delivery is £37.00.

See this cake topper and more unusual gifts  all with free UK delivery at the main site!

Sharon Williams, Boutique To You UKHi! I'm Sharon Williams founder of award nominated  I write about the boutique, business & stuff that I love, which at the moment seems to be Pinterest and macaroons!

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