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1 Apr , 2011  

Personalised Tea Mug

Personalised Tea Mug

I am a self-confessed tea addict and love when someone buys me a new mug. It’s usually just at the time when my old one starts getting a bit battered and faded, so a shiny, gorgeous new replacement is just what’s needed.

I’ve been bought some pretty interesting mugs  over the years including one that can hold a pint of tea; one with a shoe as a handle, one that had a funny picture of my friend on the side but NEVER one with my own name on which I’m hoping one day will complete my set of unusual mugs.

Apart from the fact it’s blatantly obvious your and family and friends will probably subconsciously go out of their way to serve you your cuppa in it at all times, it’s also handy for having at work so that you will never encounter the mystery mug problem. It’s not so bad if you work somewhere small as people tend to keep to their own but in a big organisation it can be a bit perturbing to walk into the staff room and see the minger from HR with their chops around your cup! Personalisation of things can sometimes act like a security device and make someone more likely to carry on looking and select another cup instead!

Do you know someone like me? It’s safe to say I’m not a rare breed so chances are you do. Next time you’re buying them a gift, a personalised mug should do nicely. Now, who wants a brew?

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Unusual Gifts

Unusual Gifts To Say Sorry

12 Aug , 2010  

Today I would like to write an article on unusual gifts to help you get out of the dog house. It happens to us all at times. We let someone down, we forget a special date, we are preoccupied with what is going on in our own lives and not noticing all the good work of others around us. We snap at someone and say something we didn’t mean. We get over sensitive and blow our top at someone who only meant well…. And sometimes we just screw up. After all we are all only human and if you never made a mistake in your life, well then you are in denial, my friend…we all make mistakes and blunders at some point in our life. Sometimes without even realising until it is too late.

So what do you do when one of these unfortunate situations arises? Well let’s try and tackle the most common sticky wickets people find themselves in.  First of all and probably the most common, you upset your partner, husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. However you manage to upset them if you are in the wrong and are desperate to put things right quickly we recommend that you stick with one simple message.  “Sorry and I love you.” It should pretty much cover it, and it will also be all your partner wants to hear most likely.  If you need it in a hurry then we recommend our Love keepsake, with a poem that says it all really. It’s dispatched in 1 day, so it’s ideal to help you smooth things over quickly.

If you can want to do something a bit more special our pandora style charms can be personalised with your special message and it’s the perfect way to let your special lady know you care and are sorry.  You could have her name on the front e.g. ‘Carol’ and a special message on the back e.g ‘I love you’. It will be ready to go in 3 days and you will truly look like the most thoughtful man in the world. (Someone have a word with my hubby, please!!) Plus it is completely affordable from £14.99.

For the special man in your life we recommend our mens personalised id bracelets. You can have the name engraved on the front and a special message on the back. Maybe ‘I love you’ or ‘love always’ or ‘with love’ or something similar. It takes up to a week to make and it is a really cool gift.

Or maybe you have upset a friend or loved one, then why not take a look at our choice of personalised mugs. We have over 35 special designs to choose from, so you are bound to find a design that suits what you want to say. Most of the designs are between £11 and £14.

And if your special person has a sweet tooth, why not send them aone of our personalised chocolate bars? We have 8 yummy designs to choose from and they are priced at £6.99 with free delivery. They have a bit more room than our other personalised gifts to add your special message.

So there you have it .. unusual gifts to say sorry :)

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Personalized Gifts

Personalised Mugs – Gifts From The Heart

12 Jul , 2010  

We give gifts to people because they mean something special to us in some way; we shower relatives, friends and work mates with things, to show our appreciation or love for them. However, it can be difficult in today’s world of mass production to choose a present that will make the receiver feel just how special he or she is in our life. For most gifts, it turns out that the receiver already has five or six others all the same, stacked neatly in the cupboard or folded somewhere at the bottom of the wardrobe. Maybe, once a year, while spring cleaning, our friend, relative will be get a glimpse of them, although they probably won’t remember from whom they were given the items.

Personalized Mugs

Personalized Mugs

 The secret of great gift-giving is to think of something that the receiver can relate with intensely and will therefore not want to stuff inside some drawer or under their old clothes, all the better if the gift is something that the receiver can use every day.  Personalised mugs are attractive and functional items on the dining table. They will always give that “special me” feeling to the owner , as well as remind him of the person from whom it came. Because personalized mugs can be made in many interesting designs and moods, they make very distinctive and appropriate gifts for any age, gender or occupation. They also make great talking points in the workplace where it’s common for people to have their own mugs.

Thoughtfully personalised mugs represent the essence of gift-giving, which is an art involving a deep understanding of the personality of the person receiving the gift. People who have successful social lives always make it a point to learn something about a person before selecting a gift for him. Beautifully personalized mugs clearly show the amount of reflection that went into the gift, a factor that will determine whether it gets stuffed into storage or showcased in a prominent spot in the  house.

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