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1 Apr , 2011  

Personalised Tea Mug

Personalised Tea Mug

I am a self-confessed tea addict and love when someone buys me a new mug. It’s usually just at the time when my old one starts getting a bit battered and faded, so a shiny, gorgeous new replacement is just what’s needed.

I’ve been bought some pretty interesting mugs  over the years including one that can hold a pint of tea; one with a shoe as a handle, one that had a funny picture of my friend on the side but NEVER one with my own name on which I’m hoping one day will complete my set of unusual mugs.

Apart from the fact it’s blatantly obvious your and family and friends will probably subconsciously go out of their way to serve you your cuppa in it at all times, it’s also handy for having at work so that you will never encounter the mystery mug problem. It’s not so bad if you work somewhere small as people tend to keep to their own but in a big organisation it can be a bit perturbing to walk into the staff room and see the minger from HR with their chops around your cup! Personalisation of things can sometimes act like a security device and make someone more likely to carry on looking and select another cup instead!

Do you know someone like me? It’s safe to say I’m not a rare breed so chances are you do. Next time you’re buying them a gift, a personalised mug should do nicely. Now, who wants a brew?

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